Badain Jaran Desert

The Badain Jaran Desert (pinyin: Bādānjílín Shāmò) is a desert in China which spans the provinces of Gansu, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia. It covers an area of 49,000 square kilometres which is China's most beautiful desert The average annual rainfall is under 40mm while the desert also features over 100 spring-fed lakes.This desert is home to some of the tallest stationary dunes on Earth. It is called the restricted area of life due to the water shortage . While the coexistence of sand hills and lakes that makes the whole world astonished. Abrupt rare peaks, singing sand, amazing lakes, magical springs and temples are the five most fabulous scenes of Badain Jaran Desert.

The Bilutu is the world's highest stationary dune rising over 500 meters and peaks at 1609 meters above sea level. Upon reaching the top there will be a clear view of the surrounding dunes as well as several colorful lakes.

The Badain Jaran Temple (bā dān jí lín miào) was built in the reign of Emperor Qianlong (AD 1755),which is a well preserved Tibetan-Buddhist temple. The temples attractions include statues, wood carvings, artifacts and a small white pagoda.



  • Flight from Beijing to Jinchang (KN5655)
  • Take a bus ride to The Badain Jaran lakes hotel, desert hiking, scenes of amazing lakes


  • Take the off-road vehicle to experience the sand-surfing (60km)
  • The Badain Jaran Temple
  • The Bilutu
  • Overnight at Nomads ,to find a millions stars are twinkling in the sky


  • Take the off-road vehicle to explore the mystery of the Badain Jaran Desert
  • Head for JinChang Airport after lunch
  • Flight from Jinchang to Xian(GS7646)