Our History

Beijing Yue Long Hotel Management Co. Ltd.


In 1909, a German teacher Richards. Hillman led the students to travel on foot, the way in case of heavy rain, only in a rural school, with straw flooring is a bed, a difficult night. The teacher had a sleepless night, the establishment of specialized hotel provide accommodation for young ideas. Richards. Hillman advocated the youth out of school, close to nature. "All boys and girls should go out of the school, take part in hiking and stay," he said. He lobbies around with this idea and is finally accepted by people.

In 1912, the first youth hostel in the world was born in an abandoned castle in Germany. And laid the basic structure of youth hostels, that is, "safety, economy, health, privacy and environmental protection". Only a year later, the youth hostel reached 83 homes, with a total of 21 thousand beds. In 1932, the International Youth Hostel alliance was established in Amsterdam, currently has more than 60 members and more than 20 affiliated members, a total of more than 4000 youth hostels, bed number reached 35 million, has an international membership of more than 4 million people. Today, the youth hostel has become the largest hotel chain in the world, and 10 million young tourists in the world are using youth hostels.

Based on the Internet based on the concept of youth hostels, the general manager of Li Chun is determined to establish such a family to allow young backpackers from all over the world to live in.

In October 26, 2008, Beijing Tianyuan Youth Hostel officially opened, English named Happy dragon Hostel (meaning yelong), start at the beginning of yelong employees are "grassroots" was born, the 5 young people start their own businesses, the final decoration, in early 2009 the hostel has very good improvement, always adhere to the Dragon Yue the belief is to create "Beijing guest house, no good hardware, but we can provide home warm and comfortable service. Yue long never forget the original intention.

The youth hostel is known as the "backpacker's paradise" and the home of young people. It is the largest accommodation chain in the world today.

Wyatt welfare system of perfect dragon company, has a good chance of promotion and the insurance system, there will be an English entry and job skills training, in order to improve the overall quality of the staff, we often organize staff to the field and foreign visits, both for the enterprises or individuals, this is a a good opportunity to progress and development.

In the coming years, we must strive to build a brand hotel that combines Youth Hostel and Fasthotel with the theme of local culture. We are trying to take a new business mode.