Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia enjoys a unique natural scenery and a time-honored history and culture, with the beautiful prairie and ancient city ruins. Inner Mongolia natural landscape: the Hulun Buir Prairie, Xilin Gol prairie, Daxinganling original forests. Inner Mongolia is located in the northern frontier of China with the largest population of Mongolian and the Han people, where is the Khan's hometown the man who named "Genghis". The most attractive unique natural scenery is large area of grassland and desert. Its northern prairie ranks first among China’s Ranches.


Every year, from May to October is the best time to travel to Inner Mongolia which has a mild and cool climate , also the " Nadam Fair " is held during July to September annually.

The warm and hospitable Mongolian are waiting for you!

Departure from Beijing after lunch .Take the bus to enjoy the beautiful prairie along the road . night stay in Doran yurts. Enjoy the special Mongolia meals.

Day 2
Visit The Site of Xanadu after breakfast, and take the bus to enter the ranch, then arrive at the campsite by off-road vehicle for camping . Enjoy free time in the afternoon. Also campfire, barbecue dinner and pastoral hand meat in the evening.

Day 3
Bus to Zhangbei county after breakfast, and taste characteristics hotpot, return to Beijing in the afternoon.