My name is Olivia, and together with my friend Sophia we decided to do a tour organised by the hostel: the Jinshanling Great Wall Tour.

It was super well organised! We were so tired, we slept on the coach there and we were ready to face the hike when we arrived!

Little did we know how many steps there were! After a challenging but fulfilling 2h30 trek we found out that we had climbed the equivalent of 156 floors!! The picture was taken at the highest point of the portion of the wall we hiked at.

We were very happy and practically had the whole wall to ourselves - which was such a nice bonus!

The others in the group were sociable and in the end we were all resting and chilling together and then went for a well-deserved delicious chinese meal afterwards!

Thats our story!




My name is Sophia, and me and my friend Olivia have visited the Summer Palace today. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a visit of the palace.

All of the buildings were really beautiful but we were most impressed with the marble boat. A boat which looks as if it was made out of stone!

It is definitely worth a visit! There are a lot of beautiful sighs to see and strolling around the lake is very relaxing.

All the best!