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The Forum on half year work summary and exchange of agricultural machinery promotion held
View count:2492019 / 11 / 05

From July 17 to 18, the Forum on the half year work summary and exchange of agricultural machinery promotion was held in Taoyuan Hotel, Changshou District. More than 60 people from more than 30 districts and counties of the city attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Hu Changli, deputy director of the municipal agricultural machinery promotion station.

At the meeting, various districts and counties conducted exchanges and reports on the experimental demonstration and promotion of agricultural machinery technology, the training and implementation of subsidy policies, the implementation and promotion of agricultural machinery projects, the construction of system teams and personnel training, information publicity and industry cooperation, and work results and problem plans.

After listening to the reports and exchanges of each district and county carefully, Comrade Zhou Bing, the head of the municipal agricultural machinery promotion station, commented on and summarized the work of each district and county. He pointed out that all districts and counties have been able to combine industrial development and regional advantages to promote work in a planned way and implement measures according to objectives, which has achieved good results. The promotion of the work has its own characteristics and focuses, with both bright spots and shining points. He asked, first, to further improve the understanding of agricultural mechanization. We should not only have a great vision, a great sense of agriculture and agricultural machinery, but also have the ability and determination to take the lead, lead and do it in person. Second, we should further clarify the ideas of agricultural machinery promotion. It is necessary to combine industry promotion, lead the team to promote, do a good job in promoting promotion, cultivate people around to become assistants and experts, develop the main body of socialization into participants and followers, and let them become the main force of agricultural machinery promotion.