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carrying out "four kinds of education" and strengthening the party's Construction
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Chongqing agricultural machinery appraisal station: carrying out four kinds of education and strengthening the party's Construction


On July 15, 2019, Chongqing agricultural machinery appraisal station held a staff meeting to carry out four kinds of education.

Through the study of Xi Jinping's important instructions on Comrade Huang Wenxiu's advanced deeds, he carried out advanced model education; through learning the "early heart, losing their original minds, they went back to the road, to see the fallen track of the fallen officials in the confession", to carry out warning education; The education of revolutionary tradition was carried out by watching the video "the road of agricultural modernization in Hilly and mountainous areas".

In addition, the Central Committee has also learned the Central Committee's mission and &rdquo, and the leading education group issued the notice on conscientiously studying and implementing general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the party building work conference of the central and state organs (press release).

Tang cangmei, director of the office, Mu bin, director of the first appraisal office, Chen Hong, director of the second appraisal office, and Li Jun, the station master and secretary, delivered speeches respectively.

Comrade Tang cangmei talked about his own understanding and views on not forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission in mind: not forgetting the original intention is to strengthen the lofty ideal of communism, adhere to the purpose of serving the people all the time, and be familiar with the history of the party; to keep the mission in mind is to firmly believe in realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, profoundly grasp the new expositions put forward by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and implement the spirit of practical work in every work Go.

Comrade Mu bin shared his learning experience with you: first, colleagues should understand more, be tolerant, care for each other and help each other. Second, we should have a sense of organization and overall situation, especially party members and cadres. The third is to have a bottom line, do not forget the original intention, try to do a good job in agricultural machinery test and identification.

Comrade Chen Hong called on all cadres and workers to learn from Comrade Huang Wenxiu's spirit of never forgetting his original intention and wholeheartedly serving the people; the spirit of silent dedication and dedication; the spirit of loyalty and cleanness, the spirit of daring to take responsibility, and the spirit of fearing difficulties, so as to conscientiously fulfill their duties, work hard and bear no grudges, identify according to the law, standardize the appraisal and conduct the honest appraisal.

Comrade Li Jun asked all Party members, cadres and staff members to take Comrade Huang Wenxiu as an example, not forgetting the original intention, keeping in mind the mission, being brave in undertaking and willing to contribute to their own posts. Second, we should build a firm foundation of belief, supplement the spiritual calcium, keep the rudder of thought, and strengthen the four consciousness and achieve two maintenance. Third, we should inherit and carry forward the Hongyan spirit, learn from the persistent political wisdom of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries, Communists and revolutionaries of the Southern Bureau represented by Zhou Enlai, establish a correct outlook on power, achievements and interests, and resist money worship, hedonism and extreme individualism. In the new period of reform, we should bear in mind the fundamental purpose of the reform of agricultural machinery, especially in the face of the new situation We will promote all-round development of key tasks, and further enhance the support capacity for the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization.