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Announcement of Exhibition at the 2023 Spring Canton Fair
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  The China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair.The Canton Fair is jointly hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Guangdong Province, and organized by the China Foreign Trade Center. It is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn.The Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trade fair with a long history, a large scale, a wide range of products, a wide range of buyers, good transaction results, and good reputation in China. Known as the "China's First Exhibition", it is a barometer and wind vane of China's foreign trade.


The 133rd China Import and Export Commodity Fair




Yaohu Power

Sincerely invite you to come to the Canton Fair

Looking forward to working together with you to create a win-win situation

展位:4.0E 02-03


Booth:4.0E 02-03

Date:April 15-19,2023



     The 133rd Canton Fair opened on April 15, 2023, and plans to fully resume offline exhibitions. The fourth phase of the exhibition hall will be opened for the first time, expanding its area from 1.18 million to 1.5 million square meters.


广交会 4.0E 02-03展位


 April 15-19,2023

Booth 4.0E 02-03  In the Canton Fair

We look forward to your adventing