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New product | gasoline/diesel engine oil on sale
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Product Overview:

 This product uses multi-polar mesh oil film technology,The lubricating oil molecules are tightly attached to the metal friction surface by a network structure of multiple polar molecules,Protect the engine before starting, effectively reducing engine wear by more than 25% and providing long-lasting and powerful power.

Product model:

·Gasoline engine oil:

SG15W-40 (net content: 1.6L/1.1L)

·Diesel engine oil:

CF-4/15W-40 (net content: 0.8L/1.65L/2.0L/4.0L)

Product advantages:

·Excellent low-temperature fluidity, making cold start easier.

·Excellent lubrication and anti-wear, effectively reducing engine friction and wear, and reducing engine noise.

·Excellent high-temperature oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, reducing carbon deposition, reducing fuel consumption, and maintaining strong power.

Application scope:

Gasoline engine/diesel engine, generator set, water pump, cleaning machine, brush cutter, range extender and other machines powered by gasoline engine or diesel engine.

YAOHU the diesel/gasoline engine oil, with national standard quality, can greatly reduce power wear, reduce carbon deposition, reduce fuel consumption, and extend the power service life.